Game Design

Game Direction and Narrative Design

Let me introduce myself with this short pdf-presentation.

Below you can find examples of my work as a narrative designer in Risus Lupus.

I create most of the initial concept arts for the in-game models and interfaces, as well as develop the schemes of mechanics and conduct level design. Below you can check the social networks of our project, the Argenta Fervojo game. I have also written all of the social media texts.

My concept of the demo version in-game boss is turned to the functioning model by our talented 3D designer Lisa Furina.

Showcase of the Interaction with Objects UI. I have developed the concept, UI designers Lisa Furina and Katya Checklina brought it to life. Made in Unity by our developer Apophis Jones. Music by our composer, Ivan Gretsky.

Morok are good writers. In some way. They prefer to write short stories in their Void Manuscripts, but the "Souffle Girl...

Posted by Risus Lupus on Thursday, November 18, 2021